On the third Sunday of every month, our members go through their pockets and purses for spare change, empty the coin jar from the kitchen counter, and clean the loose change off the dresser in anticipation of Grace Lutheran's popular "Joy-full Noise Offering."  Our Third-Sunday usher team takes a few extra minutes before our regular offering to collect this special offering of coin donations in two large metal coffee cans.  This special offering is given to various charities each month to help make a difference and bring joy to peoples' lives.  The resulting noise of coins filling the metal cans is truly "Joy-full" and our ushers enjoy shaking the cans as we fill them up.  It's amazing how a little bit of loose change from everyone adds up! 

Joy-full Noise Offerings for 2017:

 January       Family Promise                                                              $185.14

 February     Peace Quilters / Grace Stitchers                                 $132.71

  March         Lutheran Theological Seminary         Website link                      $132.70  

  April           Sister Jean's Kitchen                                                   $123.20

  May            Lutheran Association of Missionaries & Pilots              $140.56

  June           ELCA World Hunger                                                     $155.35

   July            Habitat for Humanity                                                  $151.59

    August      Doctors Without Borders                 Website link

                    Covenant House (Atlantic City) 

                    ELCA Malaria Campaign  

                    Ecumenical Food Pantry

                    Atlantic City Rescue Mission             Website link